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What to expect...


A clean, comfortable, relaxed place.  Come have a beer (or non alcoholic drink), while we take care of you for a change.  Satisfaction is guaranteed.  If you aren't happy with your service, please let us know.  If you are happy, please let your friends know.

Hair cuts


Regular, fades, tapers, layer cut, buzz cut, and flat top styles.  All cuts include personal consultation,  shampoo and conditioning treatment, hot towel, neck shave, eye brow trim, and complimentary beverage. Finished with a style if desired then a brush of powder and a splash of aftershave

Hot Towel Shaves


Our signature straight razor-shave is done in the classic style, with hot towels, pre-shave oil massage and dollops of warm lather to make you the smoothest operator in town.



A relaxing treatment that cleanses, rejuvenates, and moisturizes the skin to reveal your inner glow. Your face will thank you.

Scalp Massage


Relax and let a deep conditioning treatment get your scalp tingling with Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment. Enjoy a deep massage and a steamy towel to open up the pores and penetrate the moisture where you need it most.



We’ll blend away your gray hairs to create a younger, natural-looking you. Who says you can’t turn back time. 


Flash Back Color w/haircut
A new technology that covers some of your gray hair in ten minutes. The result is naturally blended color that covers your gray hair and turns back the clock. This slowly fades over 4 to 6 weeks allowing you the choice of coloring again. 



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